Libreria Acqua Alta: 10 Photos of Venice's Must-See Bookshop

Libreria Acqua Alta Courtyard.jpg

Calling all book lovers! It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with any establishment, big or small, that houses books. When I heard about Venice, Italy’s famed Libreria Acqua Alta, I knew I had to see it for myself. And what an incredible bookshop it turned out to be.

In general, the vibe that Venice exudes is a little mystical, a little magical, and a whole lot of romantic. You’ll get lost, a lot, and do it with a smile on your face, because every narrow alleyway, every canal bridge, and every charming piazza is a tiny piece of a picture-perfect Italian maze. When you manage to navigate the maze and finally find Libreria Acqua Alta, you’ll get to experience one of the most unique bookshops on earth. No stranger to Venice’s bouts of severe flooding, the shop has implemented some clever solutions to keep their inventory safe.

A few things you can expect to find:

  • Stacks upon stacks of books, in a variety of places, including a bath tub and gondola.

  • A courtyard full of books, that have been arranged into a stairway that leads to a beautiful view of the canal.

  • A canal-side exit with gondola access.

  • Resident cats, hiding between bookshelves and calmly awaiting you at the cash register.

…and much more.

If you’re visiting Venice, be sure to work Libreria Acqua Alta into your itinerary, because I can promise you’ll never see another place like it. Words can only do so much, so here are a few of my favorite shots to better illustrate my point.

Convinced to visit? Let me know in the comments!

Libreria Acqua Alta Alley.jpg
Libreria Acqua Alta Courtyard Books.jpg
Damaged Books Libreria Acqua Alta.jpg
Libreria Acqua Alta Wonderful View.jpg
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Libreria Acqua Alta Gondola Door.jpg
Libreria Acqua Alta Canal Door.jpg
Alta Acqua Libreria Door.jpg
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