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A Solo Female Traveler's Guide to Plitvice National Park

Many visitors to Croatia fall into one of three categories. The sailing-obsessed, the massive Game of Thrones fan, or the one who saw a picture of Plitvice National Park on the internet. I’m guilty of all three, and having spent well over a month exploring Croatia I can confidently tell you that Plitvice is the most beautiful thing I saw there. Whether you’re swinging through on a day trip or have the flexibility to stay overnight, here’s some information based on my own experiences to help you maximize your time, and make sense of a rather large and confusing park!

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The Yacht Week Croatia: 15 Tips From One Who Survived

Yacht Week Croatia. Seven days and seven nights sailing the Adriatic Sea, 40 something boats, an unquantifiable number of drinks, and 10 amazing friends. It was a week to remember, but one I entered into completely clueless. Here are 15 things I wish I’d known before I hopped on the boat.

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