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Bangkok's Airplane Graveyard

If you live in or are visiting Bangkok, I think you too should clamber around the heaps of metal that used to fly through the sky and are now looked after by a Thai family living in a shack (smart little business venture, if you ask me.) Bangkok, I’ve learned, is home to some of the most unique exploration opportunities. The Airplane Graveyard is one such opportunity.

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An American, on Thailand, via the British

Usually I'm the one doing the writing- so it was quite a novel experience when I was approached to interview for an article about expats in Thailand. The writer, penning the piece for BBC Capital, had a string of questions intended to elicit responses about life in Thailand. I spoke about my own story and the pros and cons of living  in Bangkok, and also shed some light on why other expats decide to make the country their long-term home. 

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Temple Touring

Having only a few days in Bangkok, we decided to get the sightseeing started the morning after arriving and ventured out towards the famous Grand Palace and nearby temples. By ‘we’ I mean 16 individuals from various programs herding down the streets in a mob. Here’s what we got into.

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