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14 Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit Mostar

One photo of Mostar was enough to alter my travel plans, and that was only skimming the surface of what the city had to offer. I’ve included 14 of my favorite shots from the city itself and nearby attractions in the hopes that maybe you’ll see the same beauty that I did, and give this amazing place a spot on your travel bucket list.

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10 Amazing Airbnb Listings from Around the World

This month marks four years of non-stop travel, and during that time I have stayed in more Airbnbs than I can count. I anxiously await the rumored loyalty program, because my wandering, homeless self is about as loyal to Airbnb as it gets! But until I obtain my “Super Guest” status and the mystery rewards and benefits that go with it…I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my trips and share my top 10 Airbnbs from around the world.

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