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Tatted in Thailand

Interested in getting tatted in Thailand? Having experienced the popular bamboo method and traditional machine methods while living in the country, I’m here to compare both experiences and let you know what to expect!

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5 Questions To Consider Before Moving Abroad For A Significant Other

Without any warning at at all, it happens. You meet the person who ticks all the boxes. Unfortunately, there’s one rather significant problem. You’re from country X, and they’re from country Y. And there’s only one way to see if this relationship will ever really work. One of you has to bite the bullet and move. But before you do, here are five questions you need to consider before you make the leap and move abroad for your significant other.

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An American, on Thailand, via the British

Usually I'm the one doing the writing- so it was quite a novel experience when I was approached to interview for an article about expats in Thailand. The writer, penning the piece for BBC Capital, had a string of questions intended to elicit responses about life in Thailand. I spoke about my own story and the pros and cons of living  in Bangkok, and also shed some light on why other expats decide to make the country their long-term home. 

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