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Organized Chaos: Keeping Your Digital Nomad Life Together With Bublup

When it comes to living the digital nomad life, there’s a lot of moving pieces. Not only are you scouring the Internet for affordable Airbnbs, hostels and hotels, you’re also trying to find quality cafes and co-working spaces with good WiFi. On top of that, you want to enjoy wherever you are, so you’re researching things to do and places to eat, while also juggling recommendations from friends and family. It’s a lot of information to stay on top of. To keep all of this information and ongoing research in one place, I’ve been using a new free app called Bublup.

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Visiting Banff National Park in May: What to Do & What Not to Do

So you’re considering visiting Banff National Park in May? I’m here to tell you the things that I wish I’d known before visiting this Canadian bucket list item- namely that the picture I had in my head of turquoise lakes and boat rides was totally unrealistic! Don’t let this completely deter you, however- as Banff is pretty darn magical any time of year. Bring clothes for all seasons (you’ll be hot one day and freezing the next), get your camera ready, and consult this list of dos and don’ts ahead of time…it’ll help you plan accordingly!

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Girl Gone Abroad’s Top 10 Digital Nomad Travel Essentials

Life as a digital nomad often means packing for trips with no set end date, and let me tell you- this is not easily accomplished. I travel for up to one year at a time with the same stuff, and more often than not, I choose my destinations as I go. It should be no surprise then that after 4.5 years of traveling, I’ve come to learn what I can and cannot live without. Now, I’m sharing those items with you in this list of my top 10 digital nomad travel essentials. They’re the cannot and will not live without products that comfortably and happily get me from one country to the next!

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